곽 태 영     Kwack Tae Young


1984∼86     Instructor, Dept. of Industrial Art, Mokwon University, Daejon
1985∼91     Instructor, Dept. of Ceramic Art, Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul
1985∼86     Instructor, Dept. of Crafts, Konkuk University, Chungju
1985∼86     Instructor, Dept. of Craft Design, Inha Tecnical College
1987∼90     Instructor, Dept. of Ceramic Art, Hongik University, Seoul
1991∼93     Instructor, Dept. of Industrial Design, Hansung University, Seoul
1986∼92     Professor, Inha Tecnical College

Solo Exhibition
2005     The 7th Solo Exhi. Tongin gallery, New York, USA 

2004     The 6th Solo Exhi. Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2001     The 5th Solo Exhi. Gallery Foyer, ANU Library, Canberra, Australia
1999     The 4th Solo Exhi. Gallery Yenar, Seoul
1995     The 3rd Solo Exhi. Gallery Art Club21, Seoul
1990     The 2nd Solo Exhi. Gallery Total, Seoul
1989     The 1st Solo Exhi. Gallery Total Art, Toronto, Canada

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