요시카와  마사미치     Masamichi Yoshikawa

Solo Exhibitions

2014     Gallery Tong-in, Seoul, Korea

2003     Gallery Tong-in, Seoul, Korea

2003     Gallery B15, Munich, Germany

2002     Gallery Kukansya Shirako, Tokyo, Japan

                Gallery NAF, Nagoya, Japan

2000     Gallery TEN, Fukuoka, Japan

                Gallery Antenne, Kanagawa, Japan

1999     Series,"A New Sensation of Ceramics", Inaugural Exhibition at the INAX Tile Museum, Tokoname, Japan

1999     Akasaka Green Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1999     Gallery Hirawata, Shonan, , Japan 

1998     Gallery Vieux – Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland

1997     Takasimaya Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

1996     Gallery B15, Munich, Germany

1994     Akasaka Green Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

1993     Takashimaya art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 


2002     Korea・China・Japan International Ceramic Workshop, Ichon, Korea

2000-2001     International Ceramic Workshop,Yeojoo, Korea

1998     Hyper Clay Workshop, Sydney, Australia

1998     Workshop and Demonstration, Cordoba, Spain


2002     18th Biennale of Ceramic Art Valloruis Gold Prize (Vallouruis France)

2001     World Ceramics Viennale Bronze Prize (Ichon Korea)

2000     Izushi Porcelain Triennale Cometition Grand Prize (Izushi Japan)

1999     Munichi International Art & Craft Show Gold Prize (Munichi Germany) Art Forest Park of Saporo Craft 

1992     Triennale de la Porcelaine Second Prize (Nyon Switzerland)

1983     Asahi Contemporary Crafts Competition Grand Prize (Osaka Japan)

1981     Asahi Contemporary Ceramics Competition Grand Prize (Nagoya Japan)

1972     3rd International Ceramics Festival Vallauris Honourable Mention (Vallauris France)

1971     Asahi Ceramics Competition Fine Art Award (Nagoya Japan)

Selected Collections

Japan Foundation (Tokyo Japan)

Victoria&Albert Museum (London England)

Kester Museum (Hanover Germany)

Nyon Pocelain Museum (Nyon Switzerland)

Prague Art & Crafts Museum (Prague Czech Reublic)

Tokoname City Museum (Tokoname Japan)

Brooklyn Museum(New York USA)

Lobby of the Tokyo Branch of Sugie Duck Ltd(Tokyo Japan) 

Neuwe Sabulon Museum (Munchen Germany) 

Landes Holstein (Museum Germany)

Porvoo City Art (Museum Finland)

International Technical Research and Training Center of Toyota Monument (Toyota Japan)

Ito Memorial Museum (Izushi Japan)

Keramik Museum (Westerwalds Germany)

American Craft Museum (NewYork USA)

Ichon World Ceramic Center (Ichon Korea)

Musee National de ceramique Sevre

서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 32 통인빌딩 

32, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea